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We are based in Orlando, and can travel almost anywhere. Our company is comprised of professional prop makers, a professional designer, a Marine, and a Social Worker! 

As a team, they have a combined 60 years of gaming experience, which goes to enhance the Escape Room adventures. 

Portable Escapes, have room, will tavel.

The path to creating a portable escape room company started when Delaney was 12 years old, and following her brother to table-top games.  Her love of creating stories and puzzles now plays out in Portable Escapes.  Delaney uses her talents in writing for the rooms, helping to create props, and getting the fun job of doing the taxes.  While not having fun making props and playing characters in rooms, Delaney is a Social Worker.


Lisa Smith's life changed when Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge debuted in the Spring of 2014. Enamored by the artistry and science of creature effects, she threw herself into learning sculpture, mold-making, casting and the myriad other techniques that go into bringing a creature to life. This soon led to her becoming a puppet designer for a theater troupe in Orlando called Phantasmagoria. That in turn led to an interest in scenic design, and then to a focus on prop making. In 2017, she was able to leave her previous career as an educator and instructional designer and make prop-making her livelihood. In addition to Portable Escapes, she now creates props for Universal Creative (Universal Studios) as well as for Halfmoon Creative Works - a props and costuming business she founded with a small group of creative friends (including Portable Escapes partner Krista Saint Andre).


The wonderful and amazing Krista!  She has 15 years of cosplay and prop making experience.  Krista is the genius behind all of the graphic design, which includes creating fictional Quidditch teams, potion labels, and so much more.  In her spare time, Krista is an expert cat herder.  She also ensures the aesthetics of each room is correct.  When you walk into a room and feel as if you are in the world of Harry Potter , that is Krista working her magic. 


Keith is known as "The Talent", as he does much of the character acting with Delaney.  Keith invests himself to every character he plays, whether that means learning Russian, or doing his best terrible British accent.  He also does all of his own stunts!  He has 15 years of experience in the gaming world, and put that knowledge to good use in creating rooms.  Keith is a former US Marine, and his knowledge and expertise help to make many of the story aspects more real and as true to life as possible.  On top of all that, he also helps build many of the props, as well as write many of the scenarios for the rooms.   

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