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Portable Escapes, Rooms


Our room sizes vary from 4-6 people or 5-7 people, ranging in 30-45 minute run times. 

Choose the room that fits your event's needs, and we do the rest!  Don't see a room theme that fits your party?  Just give us enough time, and we can create a room just for you.

Philomena's Vault


Difficulty:  Easy            Type: Ages 5+, family friendly, Wizarding                    Time: 30 Minutes             Players: 5

Eccentric great aunt Philomena Fillpot has passed on, and so today her relations (that's you) find themselves taking stock of the eccentric belongings in a vault in the Wizarding Bank. It is fitting to Philomena’s legacy that the moment you step into the vault, chaos breaks loose in the bank. The goblin bankers fly into a wild frenzy of activity...  was that a dragon's roar?!  The vault door slams shut with you inside! How are you supposed to get out of here? But wait... didn't you remember something about Philomena keeping a spare key in the vault in case she ever trapped inside? Now if only you can find that key... in 30 minutes or less!

Passing Your Potions


Difficulty:  Easy                 Type: Ages 5+, family friendly, Wizarding                Time: 45 Minutes            Players: 7

Welcome to your Beastly Academic Tests (BATs) for Potions!  Work as a team to make the perfect potion and get a passing grade.  Everything you need is in this room. You have 45 minutes to complete your potion and submit it for grading.   
MERLIN'S BEARD!  The room’s been trashed by someone who is trying to make passing your BAT just a little bit harder.  You’ll need to find the pieces of the scroll, match the ingredients to the descriptions, and still finish your potion on time.  Lucky for you the Witch who made the test LOVES Quidditch Minor league teams, and frequently uses colors from Quidditch teams. You’ve got help from the portrait of Philomena Fillpot if you need it.  Best of luck!  



Difficulty:  Medium                Type: Ages 8+, family friendly, Wizarding              Time: 30 Minutes              Players: 5

It's the spring of 1924 and the Magical Education Department of the United States of America (MEDUSA) has received a message from a group of rogue wizards who are determined to expose the No-Magics to the world of Wizards!  As some of the top Wizarding Investigators, your job is to discover what they plan to do, when, and where, before their plan goes into effect! You have 30 minutes to search the hideout for the wizard gang and uncover the plot!  Made for groups of 5 or less.  Difficulty Level: Medium.

Coming Soon


Difficulty Level: Easy                    Type:  Ages 8+, Family Friendly                     Time: 30 min                   Players: 5

You are back at your Aunt Philomena's vault, but this time to solve her murder!  Too many odd things happened at the end of her life to leave this mystery unsolved.  Her twin brother died at the exact same moment!  Are their deaths connected.  Did this have anything to do with Philomena's investigations into Robinia Bracegirdle?  Was Steely Pike's greed the reason for her death?  Or was this all an accident, like authorities have said it was?  Solve the mystery of her death using her own journal entries as clues in 30 minutes.  

Coming Soon

Virus Z

Difficulty:  Hard                 Type: Ages 16+, Horror / Zombies                 Time : 45 minutes              Players: 5

“These zombies ah wicked, kid. We gonna have to be smaht to get outta dis one.”

Boston, sometime in the not-so-distant future--It’s a full-on zombie apocalypse. It’s been a year now since the outbreak and you have been doing what you can to survive, losing some good friends along the way. Morale has been at an all-time low the past few days. However, there’s some good news today.  A secret lab has been discovered  beneath the streets of Boston and you hear that the scientists there were working on a vaccine or repellent. You always thought the lab was a myth, but it turns out it’s real. Your group has been chosen because of their skills to discover what they were working on, and finish what they started. Do you have what it takes to enter the lab, decipher the doctor’s notes, and synthesize the cure before time runs out?

Please note:  This room is not meant for children as it is horror themed.

Coming Soon


Difficulty:  Medium to Hard                  Type: Ages 10+, Sci-fi             Time : 30 to 45 minutes               Players: 5


Weirder stuff has been going on in the peaceful town of Harkins.   You and your friends are tasked with finding clues and solving some of the mysteries going on!  Maybe you will have to travel into the Other Side?  Perhaps you will be breaking into a secret lab! 


This Room changes based on size and location for each convention!  30 minute versions are medium difficulty.   The  45 minute version is considered hard difficulty.  For up to 5 players.

Coming Soon


 Your team has been sent aboard the space freighter Darya Saltykova, which originated from Siberia.  About six months ago all communication with the freighter was lost.  Your team must find an unknown object and escape from the freighter before it collapses.  Other mysteries lurk on the freighter...  Where is the crew?  What is the object you are trying to find?  Who is Alexi and why is he stealing  snacks from "D"?  Your only assistance is the voice on the other end of the walkie-talkie.  Brush up on your Russian, and do your best to get off the freighter with the object in 30 minutes or less!   Difficulty Level: Hard 

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